Sintels Wi-Fi Scanner


Capturing and analyzing Wi-Fi traffic

Identifies networks and devices on the air. Displays their parameters in real time. Shows networks on the spectrum with power levels at the point of reception. Raises events when new networks and devices appear.

Activity analysis

Maintains a database of detected networks and devices, their activity history. Performs an advanced search on history of of networks and devices activity. Exports search results to CSV and Excel. Supports integration with modern SIEM systems.

Saving Wi-Fi traffic

Records received Wi-Fi frames to the internal drive or the external network storage (via SMB protocol) for further analysis.

Extending number of channels

The device contains four Wi-Fi radio modules. If you need to receive more Wi-Fi channels simultaneously you can user the channels extender device Sintels Wi-Fi Receiver.


Setting up Wi-Fi networks and troubleshooting

Performing Wi-Fi networks setup and problems diagnostics: searching for the least loaded channels, evaluating of the influence of neighboring networks, measuring the signal level of stations, analyzing the security parameters of networks, etc.

Analyzing Wi-Fi networks security

Search for hidden access points, unauthorized connections to networks, networks with weak encryption or WPS enabled.



The system do not require computer or software installation to operate. All functions are implemented in the device. All interaction is made with a Web-interface.

Storing the history of networks and devices activity

All the intervals of devices and networks activity with their identification information are stored in the database. It can be used for advanced search, visualizations and reports creation.


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