Information perimeter Wi-Fi


Detecting Wi-Fi attacks and security incidents

Detects "fake" devices, unauthorized connection attempts to the protected networks. Searches for unauthorized ad-hoc networks. Detects DoS attacks, attempts to hack authentication and encryption protocols and much more.

Automatic Wi-Fi protection

The system performs automatic attacks blocking and disrupts the operation of devices and networks of intruders.

Preservation of data for investigation

Maintains a database with a history of devices and networks activity. Able to search and create reports on devices and networks activity. Saves 802.11 frames from the air for further investigation of security incidents, restoring the sequence of intruders actions.

Visualization and alerting

Displays information about attacks and security incidents, networks and devices on the air in the web-interface. Alarms for specified events, notifying employees in charge by email. Supports integration with SIEM systems.


The system consists of hardware sensors located in the controlled area. Each of them is equipped with four Wi-Fi radio modules.

The simple setup includes only one sensor. If several sensors are included in the system, they are connected to each other via a wired Ethernet or an automatically configured Wi-Fi network with a mesh topology.

The sensors support modern network standards and full monitoring of 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac.

Сенсор системы «Информационный периметр Wi-Fi»



The system do not require computer or software installation to operate. All functions are implemented in the device. All interaction is made with a Web-interface.

Storing the history of networks and devices activity

All the intervals of devices and networks activity with their identification information are stored in the database. It can be used for advanced search, visualizations and reports creation.


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